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Experience unmatched cleanliness with our janitorial services. Whether it's a bustling office or a cozy home, our team of trustworthy individuals delivers impeccable results using eco-friendly solutions. Choose us for a truly pristine space and peace of mind.

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How our service works?

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1. Schedule a free walkthrough

Kickstart your cleaning journey with us by scheduling a free 15 minute in-person consultation. This allows us to assess your space firsthand, understanding its unique needs and ensuring we tailor our services for optimal results.

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2. Receive a price estimate with no strings attached

Get a tailored commercial cleaning estimate for your office, retail, or medical facility, ensuring transparent pricing and maximum value without any concealed charges.

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3. Book your first cleaning

Book an appointment with our professional commercial cleaning team, specializing in both routine janitorial services and in-depth sanitization for offices, retail, and medical facilities, guaranteeing an always-pristine environment.

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1. Get a quote

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2. Book your cleaning

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3. Enjoy your clean spaces

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Our Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

Experience top-tier safety with our commercial and residential cleaning services, where disinfecting is an integral part of our routine. We are experts in sanitizing high-touch surfaces using cutting-edge HEPA-grade equipment and high-strength disinfectants, providing robust virus protection for all your commercial and residential spaces.

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We cover all areas of your home or office

From the high-traffic areas of your office to the intimate spaces of your home, our comprehensive janitorial services ensure thorough cleanliness. Leveraging advanced cleaning methods, commercial-grade disinfectants, and a team of janitorial experts, we meticulously address every zone — from workspaces and conference rooms to living quarters and washrooms. Rely on us for unparalleled janitorial services in both residential and commercial settings.

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What makes us different?

Foremost, our commitment to quality and integrity. Unlike many, we don't sub out our tasks. Every member of our team is an in-house employee, ensuring consistent standards and a deeper understanding of our mission. By choosing an hourly wage system over contract-based compensation, we foster a motivated workforce dedicated to delivering quality over quantity.

This approach not only encourages better quality but also builds trust, as clients know exactly who is handling their space.

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Articles & resources

Explore our Blog for up-to-date cleaning tips and tools for Sacramento homes and offices, and learn how to maintain a pristine space.