About our company

Hailing from varied backgrounds in construction, project, and business management, our founders recognized a niche in the janitorial and maintenance service sector. WBM was birthed to not just clean, but to redefine environmental hygiene beyond mere surface appeal. With rich experience in janitorial solutions, WBM operates as a streamlined enterprise, deeply attuned to the unique janitorial needs of our eclectic clientele. We proudly serve areas including corporate offices, commercial kitchens and eateries, healthcare hubs, educational centers, and construction environments. We're here to make every space immaculate and welcoming!

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We have the best equipment

At WBM, we take immense pride in utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality cleaning services for our clients. Our arsenal includes advanced microfiber technology, which significantly enhances the effectiveness of our cleaning process by capturing and trapping dust, dirt, and allergens. In addition, we employ highly efficient mops designed to cover a wider surface area, reduce water consumption, and minimize cross-contamination. Our commitment to maintaining a healthy environment is further demonstrated through the use of HEPA filters in our vacuum cleaners, effectively removing harmful particles and improving indoor air quality. Moreover, we are dedicated to using eco-friendly, green cleaning solutions that are not only effective in removing stains and grime but also safe for both our clients and the environment. By continuously investing in cutting-edge equipment and prioritizing sustainability, our company stands at the forefront of the cleaning industry, consistently delivering unparalleled results to our valued clientele.

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Our values

You trust us with your spaces, so we ensure our team treats your home or office as if it were our own.


At WBM, our commitment to transparency shines through, from our straightforward quotes to our thorough cleaning process. We believe in clear communication and upfront information, ensuring our clients feel informed, valued, and confident in every interaction.


At WBM, we embrace a shared responsibility ethos. Every team member is invested in delivering excellence, ensuring that accountability isn't just an individual duty, but a collective commitment to our clients' satisfaction.


At WBM, security is a top priority. We conduct thorough background checks and drug screening on our staff and require references, fostering trust through transparent communication. Our clients' safety and peace of mind are at the heart of what we do.


As a local company, WBM prioritizes quality in every service. We work directly with clients for tailored solutions and a personal touch. We do not sub out your work like most companies do. With WBM, you're not just hiring a cleaning service, but gaining a partner dedicated to excellence and community.


At WBM, quality is ingrained in our ethos. Through rigorous staff training, top-tier equipment, and direct client interactions as a local company, we ensure every project meets our high standards of excellence. We never sub out our work but use our in house employees to clean your spaces.


At WBM, punctuality is paramount. Using advanced scheduling and technology, alongside strategic planning, we ensure timely, reliable janitorial services for every client.

Meet our leadership

Get to know our exceptional leadership team who embrace the principle of 'Servant Leadership.' Dedicated to serving our team, they prioritize the growth and well-being of each member, fostering an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and success.