About Karina

Karina, an accomplished project manager in the construction industry, was known for her organizational skills and attention to detail. For months, while overseeing the construction of an office building, she kept noticing the subcontracted cleaning crew was struggling to maintain a clean and orderly site.

Recognizing an opportunity, Karina decided to combine her project management skills with her passion for cleanliness and efficiency. She founded her own janitorial company, focusing on providing cleaning services to construction sites and newly built properties.

Her background in construction and project management set her company apart from competitors, as she understood industry standards and regulations. Karina hired and trained a team of skilled workers, emphasizing meticulous cleaning and attention to detail. The company quickly gained a reputation for exceptional service and quality, leading to expansion into commercial and residential cleaning services.

Today, Karina's janitorial business continues to thrive, offering comprehensive cleaning solutions to a diverse clientele. Her unique combination of industry experience and dedication to excellence has positioned Warden Building Maintenance as a leader in the janitorial services market.